Sunday, September 19, 2010

‘Love Plus 3D’ debuts at the Tokyo Game Show

Now boys who prefer virtual girlfriends have something to look forward to.

Konami’s main attraction for the Tokyo Game Show this year is their ‘Love Plus’ booth. The game comes in two arcade titles: ‘Love Plus Arcade and ‘Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life‘. ‘Love Plus Arcade’ has already undergone a location test, but the second game has been kept under wraps until its reveal at the TGS.

‘Love Plus Medal’ is of course, a medal game with two modes of play: ‘Daily Life Mode’ and ‘Date Mode’. In the ‘Daily Life’ mode, players just have to go through the original story and for every action made, the player can receive medals. ‘Date Mode’ is more of a conversation mode where the player must do everything that it takes to have a successful date with a girl. Aside from the two modes of play, Konami used advanced display technology which projects 3D images of the girls. Players can touch and reach out to the girl and they will react. Konami calls this action “Touch Communication”.

Even though the two Love Plus games at the TGS booth have already been driving some fanboys crazy, it seems that the game company will have more ‘Love Plus’ chapters on the way. During the ‘Love Plus Special Stage’ yesterday, producer Uchida Akari said, “We’ll have some major announcements that everyone has been waiting for. Please look forward to it.”

Just to elaborate, ‘Love Plus Special Stage’ is a contest where fans present their ‘love” for one of the Love Plus girls. The winner of the said contest was Makoto, who gave a speech about his vacation with his Love Plus girlfriend, Nene. To finish his speech, he kissed his DS.

Source: 4gamer

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