Thursday, June 2, 2011

The youngest person to receive their PhD was only 12 years old!

Karl Witte

Karl Witte was born in Germany in 1800. His father, a pastor also named Karl, promoted a fairly rigorous deal of studying for his young son. This was due to the elder Karl’s belief that intelligence is not hereditary. He instead thought that a person’s smarts were due strictly to the amount of knowledge they managed to gain as a young child. Therefore, he had already taught his son to read and write Latin and Greek by the time he was six years old. By the tender age of eight, the younger Karl knew SIX different languages: German, Latin, French, Italian, English, and Greek! He went on to study at the University of Leipzig at the age 10, and received his doctorate in philosophy just two years later. He then got his doctorate of law by age 16 and became a professor at Berlin University. 

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