Friday, May 14, 2010

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

So here's a summary I made for my home reading report last school year. It's not that good, but at least it's understandable.

          "One evening, while Pip, an orphan aged 7, sat along the graveyard of his parents, he encountered a convict who threatened him not to tell anyone about their meeting and give him some food and a file to grind away his leg shackles. Frightened, Pip quickly went home. He lived with his older sister, Mrs. Joe, who was married to a blacksmith named Joe Gargery. His sister was cruel to Pip and Joe, while Joe Gargery was very close to Pip.

            The next morning, Pip stole food and a file, and sneaked out to the graveyard. But instead of meeting the same old convict he met the other night, Pip saw another one, but with the same clothes and appearance with his convict. After which, he went home, guilty of what he has done. During the Christmas dinner with the minister, Mr. Wopsle, Mr. and Mrs. Hubble, and Uncle Pumblechook, Pip felt really nervous that the missing food would be discovered. When Mrs. Joe got up and went to the kitchen for the pie, Pip bolted to the door where he was blocked to exit by police officers. They asked Joe to repair their handcuffs and they then invited Joe, Pip and Mr. Wopsle to come with them to hunt for the criminals. While they went to capture the criminals, Pip saw his convict fighting with the other convict he had seen before.

            After that incident, Pip’s life returned to normal. He went to school and became friends with Biddy, an orphan that was adopted by Mr. Wopsle. Pip’s uncle, Mr. Pumblchook, got Pip to be invited to the house of a rich old woman named Miss Havisham, who lived in the village in Satis House. Miss Havisham was a spinster who wore an old wedding dress with one shoe on. She hadn’t seen the sunlight and had a broken heart. The clocks of her mansion was also stopped 20 minutes before 9. She said that she just wanted to see Pip play cards with her adopted daughter named Estella.

            After their first meeting, Pip was asked to frequently visit Miss Havisham and Estella. He later on felt that he was attracted to Estella, though she treated him ugly. Pip is trying hard to be worthy of her love.

One day, when Pip goes to the town pub to pick up Joe, they are approached by Pip's convict in disguise. He mixes his drink with the stolen file and gives Pip two pounds before leaving.

Several months later, Miss Havisham crushes Pip's dream of becoming a gentleman when she agrees to help with the papers that would make Pip's apprenticeship to Joe official. Joe comes to the house and Pip is embarrassed by his common appearance and talk. Miss Havisham gives them 25 pounds as a gift, and the apprenticeship is finalized.

Pip worked as Joe’s apprentice for few years. In an agreement with Joe, he visited Miss Havisham on his birthday. He and Joe worked with a man named Orlick, who didn’t like Pip because he felt that Joe gave Pip a special treatment. One dat, Orlick and Mrs. Joe began to fight. Later that day, when Pip visited Satis House, he discovered that Estella had been sent abroad to study. When he returned home, he discovered that Mrs. Joe had been attacked by a strange man at the back. Pip felt guilty again when the police said that the escaped criminals were the one who attacked his sister. Mrs. Joe spent her days calling for Orlick and drew a hammer. Biddy, who volunteered on taking care of Mrs. Joe, thought that it meant that Orlick was the suspect.

When Pip and Joe were listening to Mr. Wopsle reading a murder trial from a newspaper, a London lawyer, Jaggers, approached Pip and revealed a very startling news. He said that Pip has inherited a large sum of money from an anonymous benefactor. He was to set off to London immediately, buy some clothes, and become a gentleman. Pip, dreaming of becoming a gentleman, readily accepted the offer. In the days before the move, Pip began to act haughtily and took advantage of Joe and Biddy. Before he left, he visited Miss Havisham, and became confident that she was her benefactor. When he left for London, he felt guilty for the way he treated the people that love him but not enough to come back and make things right.

In London, Pip was amazed by the different environment. There, he met Mr. Jaggers’s clerk Wemmick. He was introduced to his tutor, Matthew Pocket, and his son Herbert Pocket. Herbert was the pale child that Pip beat in the courtyard before. Herbert quickly named Pip as Handel because he remembers Handel’s The Harmonious Blacksmith. He told Pip the story of Miss Havisham. He said that Miss Havisham was engaged to a poor man, who was Compeyson. The man convinced her to buy her half-brother’s share of the family brewery for him to manage. On the wedding day, she received a note at 20 minutes to nine about how he won’t marry her and never to marry again.

One night, Pip learned the true identity of his benefactor. It was not Miss Havisham, as what he had thought, but a petty criminal named Abel Magwitch who had been transported to New South Wales. Magwitch was the convict that Pip helped in the churchyard a few years ago, and the man that he was fighting with was Compeyson. He left all his money to Pip in gratitude for his kindness and also because Pip reminded him of his own child, whom he thought was dead. Pip was ashamed of Magwitch, but on the other hand, Magwitch wanted to spend the rest of his life with Pip. Reluctant, Pip let Magwitch stay with him. There was a warrant out for Magwitch’s arrest in England, and would be hanged if he’s caught. Eventually, because Magwitch was on the run from the law, a plan was hatched by Herbert and Pip.

Meanwhile, Estella married Bentley Drummle, whom Pip considered as his greatest rival. Before Pip escaped with Magwitch, he made one last visit to Miss Havisham. Havisham realized that she had created the monster out of Estella who broke Pip’s heart and asked him for forgiveness. After saying this, Miss Havisham caught a fire with her dress. Pip heroically saved her, however, she later died from her injuries of third degree burns.

Upon hearing a story from a friend of Jaggers, Pip discovered that Estella was actually the lost daughter of Magwitch. Magwitch once had a romance with Molly, the maidservant of Jaggers. But it was too late for Pip since Estella already got married.

Pip, Herbert, and another friend named Startop, made a gallant attempt to help Magwitch escape, but instead, because of an incident, he was captured and was sent to jail. By that time, Pip was devoted to Magwitch and recognized him as a good and noble man. Pip tried to have Magwitch released but Magwitch died shortly before he’s slated to be executed.

After an extended period of sickness during which he was looked after by Joe, Pip went into a business overseas with Herbert. After several years of success abroad, Pip went back to visit Joe and the rest of his family. When he went back, he was surprised upon discovering the marriage of Joe and Biddy. But since it was over, he wasn’t able to do anything and just concealed his developed feeling with Biddy.

Finally, Pip made one last visit to Miss Havisham’s house, where he found Estella wandering. Her marriage was over, and Pip was willing to accept her as a friend. "

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