Monday, May 3, 2010

Top 10 Things You Drink Guaranteed To Get You Fat

         If you have loads of excess body fat and have no clue why, then this will be a very important letter.
Here's why.

        I'm going to reveal to you the top ten things you drink guaranteed to get you fat.

       Most people don't know that what they drink can make them gain far more weight than what they eat. Reason is, you can drink a lot more calories than you can eat. So go through the list and find your fat producing culprit and then do your best to eliminate it.

If you do then you're chances of losing weight can exponentially increase!

1. Soda

It is loaded with refined sugar.
Key word here is refined. This man made substance is the #1 fat producing culprit on the planet.

2. Beer

Causes insane spikes in your blood sugar levels leading to abnormal fat storage and a protruding "beer belly".

3. Milk

Milk is one the the most poisonous chemical carrying things you drink around.
This results from extreme refinement which includes homogenization, pasteurization and the adding of eons of chemicals.
It can flat out destroy your metabolism and get you fat.

4. Fruit Juice

Here's a real "devil in disguise".
Most people believe that fruit juice is healthy. And it is... provided that it contains no additives.
Problem with all those fruit juices you buy at the convenience store is that they're loaded with sugar and other "taste enhancers" that will get you fat.

5. Energy Drink 

Due to heavy amounts of sugar and caffeine... most energy drinks can quickly boost your energy.
Only problem is they will soon leave you feeling flat.
This is because they cause sporadic metabolic spikes that zap your energy and leave you susceptible to fat.

6. Diet shakes

Perhaps the most misleading of all.
Diet shakes and other supplements come disguised as weight loss "godsends"... but they are usually nothing more than a concoction of fat producing chemicals.

7. Tap Water
The hidden killer.
It's not the water itself, it's the chlorine and other poisonous chemicals consumed when drinking tap water. These chemical will destroy your health if consumed daily... period!
I suspect we will soon find out that tap water is responsible for more disease and abnormal fat than anything else!

8. Hard Liquor

Basically, this form of alcohol has very similar effects on your body as refined sugar.
It causes extreme spikes in your blood sugar levels leading to abnormal fat deposits.

9. Sports Drinks

If you are drinking sports drinks during your workouts then you are defeating the purpose.
These "hydraters" are packed with sugar and if you drink them while you exercise, then your body will have a hard time tapping into your fat deposit.

10. Coffee

Coffee in moderation does have health benefits.
Problem is most people gulp down four, five and six cups per day.
Once again, like energy drinks, this causes erratic blood-sugar spikes that leave you feeling tired and storing more fat. Especially if you add sugar.

           So there was the list of the top ten things you drink guaranteed to get you fat.

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