Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nintendo Taps AKB48 Member For Xenoblade Image Character

Mayu Watanabe
JPOP group AKB48 continues on their path of complete takeover of the game industry. The latest member of the 48-person group to lend her marketing muscle to a major game release is Mayu Watanabe.

Nintendo has selected Watanabe as image character for Monolith Software's upcoming Wii RPG epic Xenoblade. Watanabe will appear in commercials for the game, one of which began airing today.

Watanabe's debut spot is titled "Kikai no Karada," or "Body of a Machine." The spot shows a CG form of Watanabe wielding a pair of swords, set against the Xenoblade end theme song.

Midway through the spot, Watanabe says something along the lines of "I want you to use this body as much as you want," a phrase that Nintendo says has great significance in the game.

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