Monday, May 2, 2011

At age 29, Kate Middleton is the oldest royal bride to be married for the first time!

Only two women in British history have been older when marrying a king-in-waiting, and both had previously been divorced! The Duchess of Cornwall was 57 years old when married the Prince of Wales back in 2005, while Eleanor of Aquitaine was about 30 years old upon marrying the man who would be King Henry II in the year 1152. To compare to a couple more notable examples, Princess Diana was only 20 years old when she married Middleton’s new father-in-law, and Queen Elizabeth was just 22 when she wed the future George VI (both these women were even younger than both editors of OMGFacts are....OMG!). Throughout much of history, it was quite common for kings and future kings to take teenage brides - after all, who could argue? Robbing the cradle is a king’s divine right! 

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