Tuesday, October 12, 2010

‘Mega Man Legend 3′ is in need of new heroine

Capcom has posted on their website that they will be having a ‘project‘ related to the ‘Mega Man Legend 3‘ game. This ‘project’ turns out to be “participation of players in deciding which female heroine will join Roll and Tron Bonne in the game“.

The heroine will be named ‘Lily‘. She appears to be smaller than Roll and Tron Bonne and doesn’t have any specific skill. She’s not very street smart either. However, she’s described as lively, cheerful and positive.

For this project, fans/players all over the world can vote for the heroine’s design. Simply go to their official website, either the one in Japanese or in English, and vote for the design you like best. The Japanese site is more detailed, though if you can’t understand it, stick to the English one. Voting will end on October 25th and the results will be posted on the official site.

Source+ Photo: Gantayat@Andriasang

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