Saturday, October 2, 2010

~~~This is my classmate's entry for the Poetry Writing Contest in our school. He actually won! Kudos to Ivan Jed Rosal.~~~
~~~I actually got his draft so I was able to post this.~~~

***I don't own this. PLEASE DON'T COPY!!!***

Upon a loving student's heart
Lies great dedication in its part

A legion of sickness spreads throughout the world
A great plague that we all must have heard

Even though it's immensely hard for sure
We must push through and seize the cure.

Two of these plagues are sloth and greed
The cure is around us, we must take heed.

It's an easy goal, we can succeed!
The steps are simple, this poem will lead

First step is BE THOUGHTFUL, dedication is of need
This step is simple, a CURE to greed.

People should always speak with poise
When speaking a language that differs from noise

Everything is now set
The motivation of one's self is nothing to regret

Well done my good reader, you have succeeded!
The things you have read, you must always take heed.

PLAGUES OF OLD that corrupts the pure
Never fear just seize the CURE.

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