Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poem: Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Though his mind is not for rent,
Don’t put him down for he’s not conceited
He’s Tom Sawyer all the while
Riding out the day’s river of mile

Helplessly in love was this young lad
With Becky Thatcher of splendor and fad
Yet sick at the heart she grows
Upon learning of Tom’s past vow as it goes

Tom still grief-stricken, accompanied Huck
The son of the town drunk
Before their eyes was murder of the young Dr. Robinson
What a scare when they knew Injun Joe was the con

Tom, Huck, and Joe Harper ran away to an island
Wanting to become noble young brigand
Homesickness devastated their deed
Upon coming back, they were envied

Upon poor Potter’s trial
Tom spoke nothing but truth
Yet wasted as it was
Injun Joe escaped through the glass

Later on as time passed
Their destinies crossed
As their hiding place was the same as Joe
Who disguised as a deaf and mute foe

Huck sneaks to observe Joe
And heard his plan so low
Of murdering poor old Widow Douglas
Huck became a hero, once and again as a lass

Meanwhile Tom and Becky set for yet another adventure
And in the cave they got stuck, found out in the cave was Injun Joe with bad luck
As they went out they told what they saw
And locked Injun under the law

Huck was adopted by Widow Douglas
But civilized life wasn’t meant for him
He attempted to go away
But Tom persuaded him to stay

~~~This was my synopsis for the home reading report. ~~~
~~~Please ask permission if you want to copy.~~~

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