Monday, October 4, 2010

Thai government blames K-pop girl groups for rise in Dengue fever cases

On October 5th, MBC’s “News Today” reported that Thailand has been enjoying the popularity of Korean girl groups immensely, particularly by copying their fashion styles. Nicknamed the “Korean Style,” hot pants have become a staple item among Thailand’s youth.

However, with the increasing cases of Dengue fever in Thailand, the government has specifically targeted Korea’s hot pants as the reason behind the rise.

The deputy director of the Ministry of Health and Welfare stated in an interview with MBC, “The youth have been copying Korean styles and wearing shorter clothing, making them more susceptible to mosquito bites. We are suggesting that they wear longer clothing in place of shorts.”
The dengue fever has already claimed the lives of 100 in Thailand and is spread by mosquitoes.
Source + Photo: MyDaily

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