Friday, April 23, 2010

Personalizing Gifts With A Unique Photo Collage

Creating A Photo Collage Yourself
                 Creating a photo collage is a surprisingly simple process, although the results will depend on your design abilities as well as the selection of photos that you incorporate into the collage. Use software like Publisher from Microsoft, which is even included in their popular Office suite, select the appropriate size of document, and then import your chosen pictures. Once imported, the pictures can be stretched and shrunk or they can be rotated and placed anywhere on the page in order to create highly unique photo collages that have exactly the appearance that you want them to have.

Using A Professional Designer To Create The Photo Collage For You

          An alternative to creating your own photo collage is to have one designed for you by a professional designer. This gives the benefit of ensuring that you enjoy the best looking results when the photo collage is transferred to the design of a photo gift and printed. The image is usually printed directly onto high quality satin and HD Satin canvas to ensure the best photo reproduction so getting the collage itself just right is critical to the process

Adding A Photo Collage To Personalised Photo Gifts
           Canvas prints are very popular photo gifts and they offer you the chance to print a single picture on the high quality HD satin canvas that is now used. Alternatively, you can use the opportunity to print your professional looking photo collage and enjoy excellent looking results as well as customisation options that other items simply do not offer. Many items can be personalised in this same manner; through the addition of a single photo or a photo canvas.

Montage Photo Gifts '“ Canvas Prints And Posters

            The canvas print comes in bespoke sizes and dimensions so if there isn't a standard size to suit your needs you can still enjoy a great looking, personalised item. Posters, like canvases, make great additions to any wall and when combined with the professionally designed photo collage they can be used as superb gift ideas or to decorate one's own home.

Montage Photo Gifts '“ Cushions And Beanbags

            Cushions, floor cushions, and beanbags can also be customised with photos and other pictures. The cushion offers the use of your design on the front and the choice of a single colour on the reverse but for a little extra you can add another or use the same design on the back too.

Montage Photo Gifts '“ Duvet Covers And Bedding

             Bedding, which includes duvet covers, pillows, and blankets can look great when personalised and spread on the bed. Again, the standard design is to choose a single picture for the front and a colour for the reverse but you can include a second design to make it even more personal.

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  1. you shared some great idea here about personalized gifts.with the professionally designed photo collage they can be used as superb gift ideas or to decorate one's own home