Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Causes Pimples?: Discover What You Need To Know

           If you were asked the question: what causes pimples, how would you respond? Are you looking for answers to the question in the wrong place like the majority of acne sufferers? Most people look for answers by looking at the skin but that approach only shows what has been manifested not what causes the problem.

        The reason for your feelings of embarrassment, depression, lack of self esteem and other psychological issues common to many suffering with the acne condition doesnt lie on the surface of your skin.

          To find the answer of what causes pimples you'll need to look beneath the surface of your skin for the solution to that question.

So, What Causes Pimples Really?

          Our body is covered with numerous hair follicles each containing a sebaceous gland that secrets oils (sebum) that is designed to lubricate our hair and skin. A problem arises when the pores of our skin become blocked preventing the secretion process from occurring as it should.

So How Do Your Pores Become Blocked?

          That is an excellent question. The answer is that dead skin cells within the follicle become covered with sebum (oil) making them sticky and forming clumps that are too large to pass through the pore thereby stopping the natural secretion process.
           When you combine that with bacteria that is also contained within the follicles you have a situation that leads to the formation of infection which produces the all too familiar zits (whiteheads, blackheads and puss fill pimples).

Your Acne Outbreaks Are Due To Hormonal Imbalances.

            This can be caused by numerous stress triggers; lack of sufficient sleep, not taking care to make sure that you are drinking sufficient water to be properly hydrated, maybe too many demands place on you at work ,pregnancy, menopause, stopping and starting birth control pills and your menstrual cycle to name a few.

            When your immune system is taxed by all these various stressors it can throw your hormones out of sync and cause an increase in the production of sebum (oil) that is produced by your sebaceous glands within your hair follicles. The overproduction of these oils coupled with dead skin cells and bacteria trapped within the follicles create the environment for your acne breakouts prompting the question of, what causes pimples.

Based On Research Findings There Is A Genetic Link To Your Acne.

        Were you aware that heredity plays a part in your acne pimples? Studies conducted show a link to children of parents who have experienced or are experiencing acne issues. Its important not to jump to the conclusion that if your parents had acne skin, that you will also have acne. The study data merely shows that children with such a genetic history having a higher risk profile for developing the acne skin condition.

        Now that you are armed with a better understanding of the cause of your acne breakouts you will be able to better research and find acne treatment solutions to alleviate the feelings of not being attractive, frustration and a lack of self confidence due to being embarrassed by your acne.

        So, how will you answer the question of what causes pimples?

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